President Message

Institutions are not born; they are built over time, brick by brick, by men with vision and commitment to cause. Some visionary people connected and engaged with the cotton value chain had felt the necessity of forming an Association. Consequently, these enterprising people organized a meeting in 1999, which set the entire process in motion.

In 2000 the Association obtained a license from the Ministry of commerce in the name and style “Bangladesh Cotton Association of agents, traders growers and ginners,” covering all the stakeholders in the chain.

Considering 1999 as its founding year, the BCA will reach the milestone of 25 years in 2023.

International Cotton Association have embraced BCA as their affiliated Association in 2009. Subsequently, BCA has established a tie-up and inter-association relation with many important associations worldwide. Among these organizations we have cordial relations with Cotton Association of India {CAI}, Indian Cotton Association Limited {ICAL}, Brazil Cotton growers association {ABRAPA}, Brazil cotton shippers association {ANEA}, Australian cotton shippers association { ACSA}, Cotton Council International {CCI}, USA etc.

To expand our activities worldwide, the BCA has organized an international cotton summit and bilateral cotton festivals since 2015.  

The present Board of Directors of the Association has been working diligently to serve the members’ interest, endeavoring its best to achieve the desired objectives it set itself out to achieve.